EXPRO Elite Snare

By Vascular Solutions, Inc.

Completely integrated 0.035" profile Permits delivery through 0.035" lumens of conventional catheters, eliminating exchanges and saving procedure time

Helical loop design Combines the advantages of a lower pro le with a longer reach than right angle loops

Highly torqueable shaft design Allows greater control and maneuverability to access distal targets

One-piece construction with no assembly required Provides durability and facilitates rapid deployment

Radiopaque loop Enhances visualization and identi cation of capture area and sheath location

The EXPRO Elite Snare features a completely integrated 0.035” profile that permits delivery through 0.035” lumens of conventional catheters and a cobalt chromium helical loop design for optimal retrieval and manipulation. The loop is encapsulated in a platinum coil to enhance visualization under fluoroscopy, is highly flexible and torqueable for atraumatic delivery, and has a longer reach than right-angle loops. Developed and manufactured by Radius Medical Technologies, Acton, Massachusetts, the EXPRO Elite Snare comes pre-assembled and is currently available in the United States through Vascular Solutions.

Vascular Solutions, Inc. is a leading medical device company that delivers proprietary clinical solutions for diagnosing and treating vascular conditions. The company’s product line consists of innovative devices across established and emerging areas of coronary and peripheral vascular medicine.

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