p64 Flow Modulation Device

By Phenox GmbH

p64 offers a new level of operator securety and patient safety, ease of use, it gives you confidence.

The Safety and Security of Complete Deployment with Full Recoverability

The p64 Flow Modulation Device is the world's most advanced flow diverter. It is the only device that allows complete deployment and full recoverability. This provides added safety and security no other FD offers enabling you to treat with confidence.

• Complete deployment and recoverability ensures optimal placement
• Greater neck coverage due to the 64 Nitinol wire braid maximizes hemodynamic flow effect in the aneurysm
• Visualization is achieved by 2 helical strands along entire length of the implant and eight proximal markers
• p64 is mechanically detached once optimally placed
• Implanted via a 0.027“ ID microcatheter.

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